Troop 78, 29 Palms, California


Boy Scouts of America


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1 Talk to someone using HF, and SSB 2 Make 1 LED turn on & off 3 Make several LED's turn on & off
4 Make an LED turn on, using a switch.and an Arduino 5 Receive a TV Picture on VHF 6 Send a TV picture fon VHF
7 Talk to someone in Santa Barbara 8 Talk to someone in Lompoc 9 Make an LED turn on.
10 Make an LED turn on,.with a switch 11 Listen to an Allstar node 12 Listen to an IRLP node
13 Try and decode an APRS signal. 14 Find out what an APRS signal is. 15 Receive a simple morse code message over 200 feet.
16 Transmitt a simple morse code message over 200 feet. 17 Set up 2 Morse Code stations 18 Read a technical book for 5 minutes
19 Go to Instructables and look up something nice 20 Do an Instructable 21 Go to Instructables and find a Wattmeter
22 Mark a repeater on a map. 23 Listen to an IRLP node (Palm Springs Tram #1) 24 Listen to KNX1070, #1
25 Listen to KNX1070 #2 26 Build a 1 or 2 transistor radio 27 Build a 1 transistor radio
28 Use a meter to find the value of a resistor. 29 Try some questions on the Ham radio Exam 30 Web chat on Scoutlink
31 Use a Web-Based Receiver 32 Use the color code to find the value of a resistor. 33 Play a JOTA Game
34 Play a JOTI Game 35 JamPuz 2016 check it out! 36 Make a Joule Thief