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Boy Scouts of America

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The Thumbnails are a little small
A: Sorry about that, that was the size they came in at. If you want me (Steve) to enlarge them, simply send me an email.

Q: Were is this web site located, it has a funny name!
A: It is located at, which is my main website.  It is a subdomain of that name.

Q: Are the pictures the orginal size when I englarge them?
A: No they are not. I did not have enough room on my Web Site Hosting service to put up full size photos, the ones you see are about
1600 x 1000

Q: Can I get a copy of the pictures at the orginal size?
A:  Yes email or phone Steve to arrange a time when I can pick up a 1 GB minimun thumb drive, and I will copy them for you.